Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Northern Virginia Magazine Calls
Dixie Bones "A Frugal Feast"

Start-up local magazine Northern Virginia was kind enough to include Dixie Bones BBQ in their round up of local restaurants. They gave us a stellar review, soon to be available on their web site.

A charming spot where upside down collanders serve as lampshades and skillet-fried cornbread is always cooking, Dixie Bones does hickory smoked barbecue like nobody's business.

Thanks to Northern Virginia magazine for recognizing Dixie Bones. Links coming soon.

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Monday, May 22, 2006


Dixie Bones Customers Always Leave Satisfied

The Follow Spot

Another satisfied blogger reviews the restaurant:

Well, we ate at Dixie Bones – a nice BBQ place here in Woodbridge, Va. They have good food and the service is fast. We did have to wait about 15 minutes to get seated but once they seat you, you are eating in less than 5 minutes... Jeffrey ordered the beef brisket sandwich and a side of potato salad with sweet tea to drink. I was torn between the pork plate with 2 sides or the overloaded potato. I chose the potato. It was very big and I had cheese and pork on it. It was so much food and it was good. It comes with butter, sour cream and onions too.

Don't forget about Dixie Bones Catering for your next event!

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Friday, May 19, 2006


Introducing the Barbeque Belle

Hi, Y'all! They call me the Barbeque Belle because I'm such a regular at Dixie Bones. This summer I'll be out and about at all the best events- cook-outs, picnics, parties and dinners, all serving delicious Dixie Bones barbecue and sides.

I'll be blogging about all the fun I'm having, so stay tuned to the Barbeque Blog to get the scoop!

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Monday, May 15, 2006


Dixie Bones Places 10th Overall at the
VA National Backyard BBQ Championship

King of Q writes:

Looking to put Salisbury in the rear view mirror, we loaded up and went down to Richmond for the Virginia National Backyard BBQ Championships.

This event was an IBCA (International Barbecue Cookers Association) sponsored event, with the representative being flown in from Texas to oversee
the judging and organization of the event...

Read the Full Recap Here

We arrived at about 11AM Friday morning to begin setting up, Our team was the first one onsite and pretty much had choice of where we wanted to be. It is always important to locate your power and water supply and try to set up close to it so hoses and extension cords don’t have to be run so far. We also wanted to be close to the stage, so all these factors worked in our favor.

In most cases so far myself and teammate Bill Brown usually go down early and set up our compound while the remainder of the team shows up later in the afternoon or early evening. Once this is complete about 2 hours or so, we get our meat inspected by the female IBCA representative. This is a requirement at every event, meat cold, not pre-seasoned in any way. This being done all the prep work can begin. On this trip we are cooking 3 pork butts, 2 briskets, 6 racks of ribs, and 6 chicken halves. You always start with the large cuts of meat due to the long cooking time. Butts and briskets are marinated, injected, seasoned, and wrapped for later. The ribs and chicken will go later tonight.

You must always think about taking care of your team, so for the Friday night dinner I cooked my guys NY strip steaks, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, all smothered with a chipotle-lime butter. We even invited the rep. to dine with us and answer some questions as this was a new event per say as for the rules and what was expected. Everyone eaten, grill up to temperature, the briskets and butts are put on to smoke for the night.

The great thing about these contests is the folks you meet and hang out with, the team names, and the stories people tell. The Texas Rib Rangers came all the way from Texas and invited a young man who is fighting cancer to join them for the weekend. He got to be an honorary member of a legendary team, cooked, prepped, served, turned in their entries, and then walked to the stage and picked up their trophies. Now the great part of this story is that the Rib Rangers have plenty of trophies and let this young man keep those trophies for himself to remember that he is and always will be a Rib Ranger.

...We finished cooking on Saturday, sauced everything, prepped in the boxes, turned in and then began the agonizing wait to see how we did. We had real high hopes and were not disappointed when we got our first call ever to the stage, 6th in chicken!!!!! What a great feeling walking up to Mrs. Virginia and the Attorney General to receive our plaque and check. Now that would have made us all happy Q'ers but low and behold we got another call for 10th in pork, walked up and received trophy and check again. This helped us gain a 10th place overall finish in only our 3rd contest with escalating expectations for the next weekend in Chesapeake, VA.

See you on the road!!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006


The Washington Post Features Dixie Bones

Finding the Treasures in a Sea of Takeout
Where to Call And Carry - Prince William County

We are thrilled at being called a "treasure" by the country's paper of record. While we pride ourselves on being a great carry-out, don't forget we also cater events all over the Washington area, for parties from 15-5000. Check out www.DixieBones.com for all the details.

"Dixie Bones is a county landmark, a bright orange celebration of the everyday heroes of law enforcement, firefighting and the military. So many people seek out Dixie Bones for the fine Southern barbecue, served up by Birmingham, Ala., native Nelson Head and his friendly staff.

Tons of barbecue pass through the doors here every week, along with untold gallons of coleslaw, potato salad and other fixings, and what must be hundreds of pies...So just add a little more sauce, slap on some of the world's best coleslaw and be happy. If you can't eat it right away, buy it by the pound to reheat at home."

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High Praise for Dixie Bones BBQ


"We had to try Dixie Bones BBQ after reading Tyler Cowen's description of it as 'the best barbecue around.' So off we went with a BBQ-loving friend to sample as much as we could. We were salivating as soon as we walked in and smelled the lingering hickory smoke..."

Be sure and read the rest of the review, and then come to Dixie Bones and taste our food for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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Monday, April 24, 2006


PMPI's Annual Family & Friends Fun Day

Dixie Bones had the privilege of catering the Potomac Chapter of Meeting Planners International's Annual Family & Friends Fun Day on Saturday, April 22, at Cameron Run Park. Although the weather was less than stellar, the food and fun were first rate.

We had a remarkable turnout of PMPI members along with their friends and families. Participants enjoyed a BBQ picnic, mini golf, and even a mentalist/magic show performed by PMPI member Alain Nu, of Nu MagiConcepts. It was a wonderful afternoon, and a good time was had by all.

Dixie Bones BBQ generously served up a feast of barbeque ribs, chicken and pork, along with homemade rolls, corn bread and delicious sides like cole slaw, mac and cheese, potato salad, and their famous “muddy spuds” (twice-baked potatoes with a ranch kick). For dessert, we feasted on chocolate chip cookies, and washed it all down with pink lemonade and Dixie Bones’ signature sweet iced tea.

Be sure to consider Dixie Bones for your next picnic, luncheon, or get-together. Email Marketing@DixieBones.com to set up a tasting or get an affordable quote for your next event.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Dixie Bones "Road Show" Cooks
"Pork in the Park" in Salisbury, MD

It was a wet, long weekend in Salisbury, MD, the setting of our first event. A total of 57 team attended, making this event one of the largest on the entire east coast, and some of the best teams showed up to compete. We cooked in 7 out of 8 categories, only foregoing the whole hog event. The team decided to cook in the following categories: "Anything Butt", Sausage, Perdue Chicken, and the KCBS Main Four, as we call it on the circuit: Chicken, Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Brisket.

We arrived onsite about 11 am and set up our site. The rain started pretty soon after that and continued until late into the night. The "Anything Butt" category is anything but what's in the other categories. It can be fish, seafood, a dessert, steak- it's the cook choice. We went with a beef tenderloin, marinated in butter and garlic, grilled and brushed with a finishing sauce of melted butter. It was than sliced into 6 large pieces and served on a cutting board to the judges. We scored a very disappointing 21st in this category out of 57 teams. Good, but not good enough.

We began the long process of cooking the butts and briskets. The chicken, ribs, and sausage would be placed on the smoker early in the morning. Once things settled down, we made the rounds of the event, talking to other teams, looking at all the other different cookers, and of course enjoying a cold beverage. We took turns in shifts watching the cooker over night so that we all could get some sleep.

Turn in times start at noon and are every half hour thereafter the following day. With heavy rains starting at 10 am, it was a fight to maintain the even heat on our cooker and to get everything ready. We all pitched in and put together our boxes for each category, turned our offerings in for blind judging. We broke down our camp in time for the 4pm awards ceremony.

Although we didn't make the top 10 this time, we did finish above some of the top teams. Looking back, it would have been wise to stick to the main categories, but we didn't and our scores showed it.

A 34th overall place was not what we were seeking, but when the BBQ gods don't shine down on you, you just pick up go to the next contest and try again. In 3 weeks, May 13th, we go up against some teams from Texas at the Richmond, VA, Speedway. Hope to see ya there!


Read More about "Pork in the Park" at The Life of Travis

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Friday, April 14, 2006


lunchSpark! Comments on Dixie Bones BBQ

Dixie Bones - lunchSpark! Woodbridge

Read what local folks and out-of-towners say about the food at Dixie Bones...

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Friday, March 17, 2006


The Dixie Bones "Road Show"

Dixie Bones has fielded a Champion Barbeque Team for 2006!

Our top pit-boss Scott Cocherell and his team have been traveling the country on the professional BBQ circuit, and we are winning awards and garnering rave reviews for our delicious food. Stay tuned to the Barbeque Blog for updates on the Road Show!

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Tyler Cowen Calls Dixie Bones
"Best Barbeque Around"

This was forwarded to us from the good folks at HobNob Blog- apparently they take Tyler Cowen's recommendations to heart. Hopefully HobNob will come visit the restaurant soon!

Tyler Cowen writes:

Worth the trip, right now this is the best barbecue around. I like the ribs best. The side orders are excellent, and cooked with great care. Make sure you try the sauces on your meat. Everyone recommends their baked goods as well. This is outside my purview but they appear to be quite fresh.

Thanks, Tyler, for the glowing review. We hope to see you soon!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Meet Nelson Head, Founder and CEO of Dixie Bones, BBQ

My family has been in the food business in the South for over 100 years. I am personally committed to continue our family tradition by serving the "World’s Best BBQ" and the best prepared side dishes, rolls, sauces and desserts.

The only non-traditional thing that we have done is to call our restaurant "Dixie Bones" rather than using our family name – the usual tradition in the south.

Our original restaurant was on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. When the lease there expired we moved to Woodbridge, VA, and opened in our current location on January 1, 1996. Since then we have proudly served "The World's Best Barbeque".

"You will be blessed with an elegant sufficiency."
-- Nelson Head

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Suburban Tasteland Visits Dixie Bones

Suburban Tasteland: Them Bones:

One Saturday not long ago, our friend KS left a crackling cell phone message on our answering machine, giddily extolling the virtues of some barbecue place out in Woodbridge. At first, we thought it was some sort of prank call because the combination of her excitement and the patchy signal on her phone made it sound like some crazy lady flipping out over "ribs" and "Dixie" and "barbecue" and "Woodbridge".

Read the rest of the review at Suburban Tasteland

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Rave Reviews for Dixie Bones'
"Return to the Hill"

Jonathan Martin, staff reporter for the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hotline, was one of our guests on Wednesday night. He published the following review of our event:

FOOD: Old Head Comes Back To Hill

Free BBQ? Too good to be true, we thought when the email came across our wire. There had to be a catch. But there we were last night at the venerable American Legion post on Capitol Hill, straining our styrofoam plate with heaping portions of BBQ, ribs, cornbread, cole slaw, mac and cheese and potato salad. And we weren't alone -- the line to get in was packed with many a hungry Hill staffer.

But this was no stuffy, lobbyist-laden reception. It was the return of Head's to the Hill. Head's, as some of you DC old-timers know, was a well-liked BBQ joint where Tortilla Coast is now. Its owner, Nelson Head, packed up his cooker a few years ago and rechristened his restaurant as "Dixie Bones" just down 95 in Woodbridge. But after nearly 10 years in the 'burbs, Head wants to pick up more catering business. And that is where the free 'q comes in.

Head figured there was no better way to get the word out than to return to his roots, throw some wood on the fire, and give away some of his top-notch pig. He even got Ag Cmte ranking member/rocking guitarist Collin Peterson (D-MN) out on stage to make the wait more bearable.

If last night's effort was any indication, Head, who learned the difference between baby backs and spare ribs growing up in AL, won't have problems drumming up catering gigs. The ribs had meat falling off the bone, the bbq was done right and the cornbread was just like how mom made it. Oh, and did we mention the jugs of that rarely found drink in DC? Yup, sweet tea was served. And the best part, as any of the young Staff Assistants and LCs there would tell ya, was that there was no tab at night's end. Just full stomachs (Hotline eater, 2/9).

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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Head's Dixie Bones "Return to Capitol Hill" on February 8, 2006

It's always good to start the year off with a party! We love parties over here at Dixie Bones- you know we can handle any sized event, from 15- 5000- and last night's shindig was a smashing success.

The Dixie Bones triumphant "Return to Capitol Hill" was held at the American Legion Hall on Capitol Hill, just steps from the original Head's Restaurant. Over 400 people showed up for the good music and great food, many of them patrons of Head's from back in the day. We counted a multitude of Congressional staffers, as well as a few Members of Congress, among our special guests.

For one night, we managed to recreate the atmosphere of the old days, when Head's was a thriving hotspot on Capitol Hill. The evening featured live music from Brent Pelleschi, lead singer of the Philadelphia band "The Vibe Tribe". Brent rocked the crowd with everything from hip-hop to country to modern day to oldies-but-goodies, and Congressman Collin Peterson even sat in for a set.

The menu included our world class ribs, barbeque chicken and pork, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and our unique "muddy spuds"- a twice baked potato with lots of flavor. For dessert, we had our famous pies, cherry cobbler, chocolate chip cookies as well as our legendary bread pudding with caramel sauce. We also featured the best Sweet Tea in the Washington area.

Nobody went away hungry!

Want to be invited to our next event? Sign up for our mailing list!

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Friday, January 20, 2006


The History of Dixie Bones

Our restaurant, originally known as Head's, was located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. In 1996, when the lease expired, we moved to Woodbridge, VA, and opened our current location.

Ever since, we've been serving great Southern food - pork shoulders smoked over hickory logs, ribs following my mother's recipe, barbeque chicken, traditional and not so traditional sides, and great desserts.

You can get our food at the restaurant or we'll cater your parties anywhere in the Washington area.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Bloggers Are Talking About Dixie Bones

The World's Most Boring Blog: Dixie Bones - Yummy Lunch

"...the food is totally awesome and our waitress was great. Went for the buffet and loved the BBQ pork and potatoes, and even the cabbage."

Thanks, I.C.- We hope you will come back again soon!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Welcome to the World of Barbeque

Here at Dixie Bones BBQ, we recently expanded our catering operation, and we can now deliver anywhere in the DC area for parties of 15 to 5000.

Our entry into the blogosphere has been picking up steam throughout the year as we enter new territory. Expect Dixie Bones Barbeque to be featured at all the best parties and picnics this year. Are you on board? Call us to reserve your date- our calendar is filling up quickly for summer.

Check back here for updates on where we've been and where we're going, tidbits about our scrumptious menu items, and general fun facts about the real pit barbeque we proudly serve.

Thank you for checking out our blog. We welcome your questions and comments.

The Dixie Bones Family

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Monday, January 02, 2006


Our Ribs

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Our Food

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